Residential Junk Removal

residential junk removal

Residential Junk Removal For All

Whatever type of junk you need help with, we are here at your service.

  • Debris Removal
    If you are working on a DIY Renovation project or the tree in front of your house has fallen after a storm, we will securely take the debris away.
  • Appliance & Furniture Removal
    Old fridges or sofas can take up a lot of space at home but you can’t leave it outside the home. We know just what needs to be done. Our residential junk removal service will load them into the truck and take them somewhere they can come in handy.
  • Rubbish Removal
    Sometimes, the trash can be too much for your local municipal workers to take away — especially after the holidays.
  • Declutter
    If you can’t figure out what to do with the clutter accumulated in your home, EZ Junk Removal will work with you to sort out every item, one by one.
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Haul Away Junk From Your Property

Even if with an attic, basement, or garage, you are short on space, then it’s time you called our junk collectors!

We help clear out unnecessary items to optimize the room in your home and enable you to live a healthier and happier life.

We also assist when you’re moving out or moving into a new home or estate.

Turn Your House Into A Home By Making It Junk-Free

Whether you want to declutter your home or clear out the attic, roof, garage, or driveway, EZ Junk Removal is here at your service with its all-in-one residential junk removal service, breathing new life into your home.

Holistic Residential Junk Removal Services

At EZ Junk Removal, we haul away junk of all sorts.

  • Furniture Removal
  • Mattress Removal
  • Hot Tub Removal
  • Water Heater Disposal
  • Dishwasher Removal

  • Appliance Removal
  • Carpet Removal
  • TV Removal
  • Washing Machine Removal

  • Refrigerator Removal
  • Electronics Removal
  • Tire Recycling
  • Clothes Dryer Removal
  • Scrap Removal

Residential Junk Service – The Right Way

Not all junk needs to go to the junkyard. At EZ Junk Removal, we’re very careful when we haul away junk to make sure it can be reused, recycled, or sent to those in need.

We believe in serving our customers with utmost professionalism through:

  • Contactless pickup
  • Affordable prices
  • Timely service
  • Expert junk movers

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When you have the best “junk removal near me” just a call away, why worry about going through junk service yourself?