Best Debris Removal in Astoria, Queens, NY

debris removal

With heavy junk or debris removal, your local municipal service may not be able to help you out. At EZ Junk Removal, we sure can.

Our junk movers haul away debris from residential and commercial sites all around the city to make your life easier. 

Leave Debris Removal to the experts – EZ Junk Removal 

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Large amounts of dirt, waste, and debris need to be transported regularly from construction sites.

Our team is trained to deal with such debris removal and our junk mover trucks can carry heavy weights safely at once.

We make sure your construction work carries on smoothly and all junk is taken care of on time. 

Yard Waste

If every fall, leaves, and twigs fall off your trees and clog your pipes, let EZ Junk Removal save you from the hassle. 

They can’t be left at the curb, and most trash companies do not pick them up. 

Our team of junk collectors and movers gives the appliance a new home.

Scrap Metal

A garbage truck will most likely not haul away pieces of scrap metal. It needs to be dealt with safely and disposed of securely. 

Our junk removal service not only picks scrap metal from your location but also ensures it makes its way to a designated junkyard.

Full-Service Junk Removal Service 

With the renovation, remodeling, or repairs going on around the home, debris can pile up and hinder progress. 

We provide you with a self-service dumpster rental to dispose of heavy objects of any type conveniently and instantly at your house.

After your job is done, our junk collectors will come to haul away junk all at once.

When you have the best “debris removal near me” just a call away, why worry about going through junk service yourself? 

Natural Disaster Clean Up

You have debris. We have a way out!

We remove:

  • Tree Debris
  • Yard Debris
  • Old shed
  • picnic tables
  • old grills
  • dead plants
  • logs
  • construction material

We have the expertise, and the experience to manage heavy waste and debris

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When you have the best “debris removal near me” just a call away, why worry about going through junk service yourself?